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professional size artificial ice rink Hockey training on articial ice hockey goalie training on articial ice
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Endorsed by NHL hockey great!

Börje Salming

Toronto Maple Leafs 1973 - 1989
Detroit Red Wings 1989 - 1990

Why Viking Ice?

Lower cost-of-ownership! Viking Ice is:

1. Easier to install.
2. Lasts longer.
3. Provides a truer skating surface.
4. Easier to maintain.
5. Will never warp, wrinkle or delaminate

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Commercial Ice Rink


Versatile, affordable, easy–to–maintain and ultra–durable. Viking Ice is the original synthetic ice with decades of commercial experience the world over. With Viking lce you get ease-of-installation, the truest synthetic ice skating surface produced and a long history of complete customer satisfaction that's unrivaled.

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Residential Ice Rink


Viking Ice skates like ice, even hockey stops like ice! It has certain properties that make it unique. Viking lce still has slightly more friction than natural ice. Just barely, mind you, but enough to create a benefit as a training and coaching platform.

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Synthetic Ice Rink

Outdoor Use

New! Viking Ice Outdoor Ice is a huge development in synthetic ice! Built with a better skating surface, you can create an all-seasons rink in hours!

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Synthetic Ice Rink


Time-tested and honored around the world, Viking Ice makes installation easy with its unique tongue-and-groove assembly.

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