Residential Synthetic Ice Rinks For Your Home | Viking Ice


Viking Ice offers versatility and fun at all levels of ice-skating. A sensational investment in family and sport!

Now it is simple to perfect skating skills at home with your own Viking Ice rink:

  • No waiting in lines
  • Fits into any space
  • Easily installed
  • Skate when you want to

A great investment in family & in the sport of ice-skating

  • Create fun fitness programs
  • lmprove skating skills
  • Puck handling improves – a lot!

Viking Ice skates like ice, even hockey stops like ice! It has certain properties that make it unique. Viking lce still has slightly more friction than natural ice. Just barely, mind you, but enough to create a benefit as a training and coaching platform. Common coaching practices today include the use of bungee cords to achieve longer, more powerful strides from additional resistance. However, cords around the waist throw off the skaters’ center of gravity and rob him or her of the true feel and experience of the skating stride they are striving to perfect. Friction from the skating surface is the only biomechanically correct way to produce more powerful strokes especially around corners! Where perfection and power in skating is the goal, Viking Ice offers the best skating surface available for training.

backyard hockey rink