Outdoor Synthetic Ice Rink | Viking Ice


After years of painstaking development, Viking Ice has successfully developed a synthetic skating surface for use outdoors. Viking Ice’s Outdoor Ice is the first and only outdoor synthetic ice that features Viking Ice’s proprietary XP Laminate™ Core and Ultra Glide 444™. XP Laminate™ provides a true and solid skating surface while Ultra Glide 444™ boasts exceptional glide and durability characteristics.

Already extensively used worldwide, Viking Ice has been thoroughly tested in commercial and residential applications. The challenge in developing the new Outdoor Ice came in creating a bond between the Ultra Glide 444™ skating surface and XP Laminate™ core material as well as a complete moisture barrier and seal. Both objectives were effectively achieved resulting in a skating surface capable of withstanding temperatures from -40 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

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