Commercial Synthetic Ice | Viking Ice


Versatile, affordable, easy–to–maintain and ultra–durable. Viking Ice is the original synthetic ice with decades of commercial experience the world over. With Viking lce you get ease-of-installation, the truest synthetic skating surface produced and a long history of complete customer satisfaction that’s unrivaled. Viking Ice’s unique XP Laminate™ core, TruTuff™ bond and UltraGlide444™ ice material work together to produce a remarkably stable surface that won’t warp and produces the best glide ratios available. Viking Ice is singularly unique and thoroughly tested with more commercial installations and commercial history than any other product on the market.

Commercial use Heavy Duty (HD) Viking lce is engineered to provide many years of superior skating for applications that will see steady, heavy usage. Examples of where HD Viking Ice is recommended are:

  • Shopping Malls
  • Public Ice-skating
  • Sports Facilities
  • Coaching Centers
  • University & School intramural sports
  • Youth Centers
  • Skating Clubs
  • Hockey Schools
  • Youth Camps
  • Sporting Goods Stores
  • Fitness Clubs
  • Hotels
  • Amusement Parks
  • Theatrical Stages/Sets
Viking Ice is a financially strong investment for all-purpose recreational skating, coaching, theatrical groups and club facilities.

Coaching Facilities

  • Coaches turn rented ice time into profits
  • Training sessions meet the needs of the coach & students. No need to adjust schedules to fit available ice time
  • Size the rink to fit the need (e.g. goalie training vs puck control vs figure skating)
  • Low investment & operating costs


Live Performance Productions

  • Live on-stage acts
  • Portal road shows
  • Holiday programs (hotel,civic,etc.)
  • Movie sets
  • Theatrical groups have the freedom to perform or rehearse at will and you can take it on the road, too. Easy set-up with excellent skating.

Entertainment Centers

  • Shopping Malls
  • Recreation center
  • Birthday & other parties
  • Holiday programs
  • Hockey puck shooting gallery – Including competition among local youths
  • One-on-one training

Shopping Malls

Experience shows that a Viking Ice rink brings families to the mall more frequently

  •                Adults can shop while others skate
  •                Spectators, parents & otherwise, indulge in food/drinks while watching skaters

Food service businesses benefit from spectators and skaters alike

In-mall rinks have been designed with party rooms for added value business

Special event activities can be traffic builders

  •                Holiday theme events
  •                Competition such as puck shooting
  •                Local skater exhibitions

Viking Ice is made in the U.S.A.