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Premium Quality Synthetic Ice Rinks

Made in the U.S.A. since its inception in North America in 1985. Technological advances in synthetic ice have changed the face of skating, creating opportunities for every facet of the sport and becoming a widely-accepted, cost-efficient alternative to traditional ice rinks.

Riding the crest of this wave of acceptance is Viking Ice, the recognized leader in the field of synthetic skating ice. Working with its team of skilled technologists, chemists and engineers, Viking Ice has perfected the synthetic skating panel to a level now considered to be the best alternative skating surface in the world.

Bringing Opportunity to the World of skating

For hockey players, the ability to build physical stamina, puck control, skating skills, and speed are paramount. Figure skating requires dedication to the fundamentals and time on the ice to develop poise and grace. With a global shortage of ice rinks and ice-time for skating scarce and expensive, Viking Ice provides opportunity and affordability to individual athletes and teams in locations where traditional rinks and arenas simply don’t exist. Viking Ice surface allows skaters to use regular ice skates and related equipment. Adaptable for roller skating, dancing and a variety of other activities, this surface can be installed over most any level surface in nearly any location. Lightweight, 4’x4′ panels make for ease of installation in the tightest of areas.

The secret is in the wood that’s bonded to the synthetic ice material. A proprietary material called XP Laminate ™, it’s this wood laminate that makes Viking Ice distinctly better and unique. XP Laminate ™ creates a rock solid foundation that assures the trueness of the synthetic ice, makes installation far easier and enhances the overall durability of the product. Anything less than XP Laminate™core material can result in severe warping and trueness issues that will affect the integrity of the skating surface.

The ice material, UltraGlide444 ™ is equally exceptional and only available through Viking Ice. lt’s incredibly durable with out a single failure in more than 30 years; holds up to daily use; and is far easier to maintain than conventional ice. In side-by-side tests with other synthetic ice materials UltraGlide 444 ™ produced better glide ratios which means it’s a better skating surface. Even the Viking Ice bonding process is special. Tru Tuff™ Bonding is a Viking Ice exclusive just like their wood laminate and synthetic skating ice materials. This proprietary process results in an exceptionally strong bond that’s never been rivaled…ever. It’s this exclusive process that makes Viking Ice superior to all other synthetic ice products. Without the laminate core material, synthetic ice is subject to the ravages of temperature fluctuations and environmental influences which compromise the trueness of the skating surface.

Coefficient of Friction tests show that Viking Ice produces better glide than their competitors. Viking lce works better because of its’ exclusive formulation that wears longer and glides better than any other product on the market.

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