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synthetic ice specifications

It’s these features that make Viking Ice the preferred synthetic ice material worldwide.

(1) XP Laminate™ is bonded using Viking Ice’s exclusive Tru Tuff™ bonding process to the Ultra Glide 444™ gliding surface

(2) This surface is an engineered high performance thermoplastic specially designed for skating use and tinted with a natural ice color throughout.

(3) The edges of the standard panel are grooved to join the assembly units.

(4) The standard panels are put together by a system of plastic splines.

Panel TypePanel ThicknessNominal Thickness of Glide SurfaceCore ThicknessPanel WeightLife Expectancy
Heavy Duty1-1/4” (3.175cm)0.50 – Inch total skating surface (12.7mm)3/4″ (1.9cm)71 pounds (33Kg)20 – 25 years (top & bottom)
Light Duty1” (2.54cm)0.30 – Inch total skating surface (7.62mm)3/4″ (1.9cm)60 pounds (27Kg)8 – 10 years

*Panel Size: 4 X 4-feet or 16 SF (1.22m X 1.22m or 1.49m²)

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