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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Viking Ice compare to conventional/real ice?

A: In the world of synthetic ice, Viking Ice is the closest at duplicating the feel and glide of real ice. Check out the "Glide Comparison" in the "overview" section of this website for detailed information on why Viking Ice works so well and performs like real ice.

Q: Does Viking Ice wear faster than other synthetic ice products?

A: Absolutely not! Viking Ice products are backed by exceptional warranties however, in our nearly 30 years of operation we’ve never had a claim! Some competitors have made false, unsubstantiated claims that Viking Ice "flakes" or throws more shavings than other forms of synthetic ice but that’s simply untrue. Properly maintained, Viking Ice is the longest lasting, most durable synthetic ice product on the market.

Q: What’s the difference between Commercial and Residential grades of indoor–use Viking Ice?

A: The thickness of the surface material, also known as UltraGlide444™ is the difference between the two grades of Viking Ice. The Commercial, or Heavy Duty Viking Ice, is backed by a 20 year warranty and designed for commercial use applications like public skating rinks. The Residential, or Light Duty Viking Ice, is ideal for practice rinks and smaller in–home applications.

Q: Is today’s Viking Ice the same product as the original Viking Ice that was the first on the market?

A: The concept is the same the product is different. Viking Ice has continually worked to evolve their products through rigorous testing and development. This ongoing process has helped us achieve the best glide, truest surface and longest wearing product available. Still, Viking Ice has never had a warranty claim on a single panel of our product. If we ever do have a claim we’ll be happy to promptly honor it. This level of performance is only achieved through continuing development and research.

Q: How is the "concept" of Viking Ice the same yet the product’s different?

A: The Viking Ice concept bonds an inner core or substrate with an exterior skating surface. At the core of Viking Ice is XP Laminate™ which is an ultra–strong, stable, solid and true laminated core material that’s bonded to Viking Ice’s proprietary UltraGlide444™ skating surface material. Because of the longevity, effectiveness and operating history of this concept Viking Ice has continued to produce it’s unique synthetic ice product. We’ve looked and tried and tested other concepts and materials but nothing performs better than Viking Ice.

Viking Ice | PH: 800-698-6036 | FAX: 503-682-9098 | Wilsonville, OR 97070