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Safety – Unlike other synthetic ice our spline system eliminates problems at panel joints, preventing “tripping” of skaters or injuries. Panels lie true because of the spline system and the unique XP® Laminate core. Our core prevents thermal expansion and contraction of the panels, preventing warp and unsafe panel joints. Other synthetic ice products made with a single solid poly panel will move and bend considerably with temperature swings.

Additionally, when the time comes to flip panels (usually 5 – 8 years for our LD panels), the skating side is again solid, flat and true, just like when panels are new. With solid poly, the original surface, after skating and when flipped, causes a convex area on the underside of the panels, creating even greater flex and poor joint quality – a safety hazard, indeed.

Glide – Our patented additives minimize friction and increase the ease with which skaters glide over the surface. Both professional and recreational skaters can notice the difference. Just try skating backward on other panels… Viking Ice has a glide similar to frozen ice about 15 to 20-minutes after the ice resurfacing machine has made a re-surfacing pass. And there is no need for an expensive and labor intensive ice resurfacing machine or the downtime necessary for re-surfacing the ice.

Value – Operating costs and initial costs are modest. For commercial or coaching rinks, because people enjoy skating on Viking Ice®, they come back over and over creating a quicker return on investment. For private rinks, the convenience of practicing skating skills or simply good family fun without the hassle and cost of driving to a full-size rink justifies the investment. The glide and convenience of Viking Ice lets skaters achieve skill enhancement and enjoyment on their own schedule – anytime, any day.

Viking Ice is made in the U.S.A.

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How Does Viking Ice Compare To Conventional Ice?

The following table provides a comparison difference between a standard 200′ x 85′ refrigerated and synthetic ice rink.

ComparisonConventional IceViking Ice
BuildingSpecial sealed buildingNo special needs
FloorConcrete or sandAny solid surface
Power Plant2 compressors, etc.None
Annual maintenanceExpensive & mandatoryMinimal
Maintenance deadtimeFrequent during a dayMinimal
Special equipmentExpensive ice resurfacing machine, driver & costsCommercial scrubber & vacuum cleaner
Water consumption2,600 gallons/dayNone
Hot water heatingExpensive & continuousNone
Utilities (plant & air-handler)$10,000-$12,000/month$500-$1,200/month
Installation time4-6 months2,500 sq.ft./day
Skaters’ comfortGenerally cold & dampVery pleasant & dry
Glide factor:
– After resurfacing100%90%
– After 1 hour of skating85%90%
– After 2 hours of skating78%90%